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by Albina Ubyykon - Tuesday, 17 March 2020, 6:34 PM

Dear Students,

Please find below information about online lessons access. 

1. The app that we’re going to use is called Zoom. Please download and install this app on your laptop or computer and if you don’t own one then install on your phone (though I highly recommend using your laptop)

2. Sign up and create an account on Zoom.

3.  Teachers will send links for your lessons to your swissam emails.

Dear Class Reps, please copy the links to your group chats. 

Please note
- charge your laptops / airpods 
- keep your chargers close 
- don't run any extra programs 
- make sure you're not downloading anything like something on torrent 
- get a cup of tea 
- be on time! 

IT support Dmitry +7951 657 72 48