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Career Events Calendar
by Anastasia Borzova - Monday, 27 January 2020, 3:39 PM
Dear Students, 
We are glad to share with you the Plan of Career Activities
for this term! 

February, 4th, 10:00* – Pizza 22CM: Pizza-making Master Class
February, 6th, 15:00* – SO / Sofitel: Hotel Tour 
TBA – Memo Restaurant
TBA – SWISSAM Students’ Best Practices: GCH Internship
TBA – Tasha Sokolova: Art of Presentation (PPT)
TBA – Placement International Agency: Internships and
Trainings abroad 
TBA – Italy Restaurant Group
TBA – CoCoCo Restaurant
TBA – Cruise Industry
TBA – Events Agency
April, 4th, 12:00* – Four Seasons: Talent Connections
subject to sudden or unpredictable changes

Please, follow up the details
You can find updates and detailed information in the following sources:
·         Career Infoboard
·         Swissam Intranet (Career Section)
·         Telegram & What’s Up chats; Email
For all kinds of inquiries do not hesitate to contact your Career Manager Anastasia Borzova.