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GUEST LECTURE 17.01.2020
by Ekaterina Ryabinina - Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 6:38 PM

Dear students and teachers,

You are cordially invited to attend guest lectures by Prof. Mehmet Dorak and PhD Researcher Fahimullah Hayat titled 

“Motivation and Wellbeing” and “Leadership”


Date: 17 January 2020 (Friday)

Place: classroom 103 

Time: 16.00 - 17.30





Prof. Mehmet Dorak 

Head of School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry

Kingston University, London

Prof Dorak occupied academic positions at a number of US and UK universities. He is an author of more than 75 peer-reviewed journal articles, and presented more than 180 conference papers. Professor Dorak published a book on Real-time PCR as editor; co-edited a book on Cancer Genetics, and another on Genetic Epidemiology as the sole author.



Fahimullah Hayat

PhD Researcher 

Middlesex University, London 


Fahimullah Hayat is a Registered Scientist (RSci) and final year PhD student in medical science. He is a founder and lead for the OncoNano Research Group, which is set up to encourage young people into the research community. He is an author of motivation, wellbeing and self-esteem books.

For more information please contact Assistant Dean Polina Ivankona (Academic Department).