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Guest lecture by Eva Samsonova and Andrey Samsonov
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Monday, 21 November 2016, 6:16 PM

Dear PG Students!
We welcome you to a guest lecture by Eva Samsonova and Andrey Samsonov, which takes place on Tuesday 22nd of November at SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary arts School!

Eva and Andrey is a profound couple in Saint Petersburg ("Couple of the Year" Award from, and experts in Mega-Concerts Planning and Mega-Events Management. Eva is the General Director of NCA-Live and Andrey is a famous Music Composer

Information about the Guest Lecture:

Date: Tuesday, 22nd of November, 2016
Venue: 202 (Saint Petersburg)
Time: 10:00-13:00hrs
Eva: 1:30min

  1. Presentation of the speaker. 
  2. What are the secrets of a successful event.
  3. Major steps/stages of organising an Event. Permissions. Licensing 
  4. Venue Selection and Major challenges.
  5. Planning and Organising the event. 
  6. Finding Sponsors. Funding. Budgeting and Forecasting revenue and expenses.
  7. Promoting the event. Marketing. Media.
  8. Renting equipment. Audio, Visual, Other 
  9. Catering. Food Facilities.
  10. Security of the event.
  11. Putting the team together. Scheduling and delegating responsibilities to the staff.
  12. Operation Management during event. What are the major challenges. What is the most difficult part of the evening? Stories from real life.
  13. After the event. What needs to be done.
  14. Contract negotiations, Payments,

Andrey: 30min

  1. Presentation of the Speaker.
  2. Working for music and entertainment industry. What are the challenges. 
  3. Dealing with celebrities. How? Approach? Challenges?
  4. Involvement in participating and/or organising events/concerts.
  5. What can go wrong on an event? Real life experiences.

Please, come in time! We are waiting for you!

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