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Student educational trip to the country club "Tsartvo-korolevstvo"
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Thursday, 17 November 2016, 4:44 PM
November 13-14th in the framework of the educational program, SWISSAM business-school's students visited the country club "Tsartvo-korolevstvo", located in a picturesque spot on the Karelian Isthmus.
Yana Tsyplakova, students experience specialist, Andrey Nikolaev, director of the country club "Tsartvo-korolevstvo" and Albina Ubyykon, Deputy Head of Hotel & Tourism Studies of SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School, organized a trip for students to resort hotels and restaurants. This trip made a positive impression on the students. Top managers of hotels and restaurants held tours and public lectures on the topic "Hotel Spa and Fitness Center Management" and answered the students' questions.
Andrey Nikolaev showed students the countryside resort of "Tsartvo-korolevstvo", and in a cozy atmosphere after dinner, spoke about business secrets, country resorts and management principles for both owners and employees. The friendly owners also shared the history of his other projects. One of them, is "Scala Camping" - a camp of European standard which is located on Cape Doob on the Black Sea coast.
The program was very intense: over a two day period the students visited "Tsartvo-korolevstvo" and "Terijoki" country clubs , "Forest Rhapsody" Resort, "forRestMix" club,  "VODA" Aquaclub & Hotel,  country restaurant "Ryba na Dacha" located in Sestroretsk . Delicious lunches and dinners were waiting for students in the restaurant "SHISHKIN ITALY" on the territory of the country club "Tsartvo-korolevstvo".
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SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School expresses gratitude to all of the hotels and restaurants involved for their cooperation and support in the organization of this educational tour for students, as well as the organizers of the trip. We believe, that our students obtained valuable knowledge and experience!
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