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Master-class of famous chef David Mottl!
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Monday, 17 October 2016, 11:47 AM

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On October 13th, a famous executive chef from the St Regis Langkawi Hotel (Malaysia), David Mottl, held a master class on modern plating techniques for students of the ICE Culinary Arts Chef Education at SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School. 

David Mottl has over 20 years of experience in Germany, USA, Ireland, Switzerland and, more recently, in Russia. Since 1996, David Mottl has worked in Michelin-stars restaurants and believes that the best dishes are only prepared with fresh ingredients and are cooked with love.

David cooked for Business Class passengers of the airline "Lufthansa" and received a Michelin star for his work at the Marco Polo restaurant in the Columbia Hotel, Hamburg. 

During the master-class, students studied different techniques of preparation of haute cuisine dishes like smoked salmon and fillet of venison sous-vide. David Mottl specified that he always strives to maintain the natural flavour of each dish. To do this, he adds a minimal amount of spices. All components of the dish are separate and, at the same time complement each other.

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SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary arts School and Culinary Arts students thank the wonderful chef David Mottl for master class and hope for a new meeting with him!