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SWISSAM welcomes new students!
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Thursday, 22 September 2016, 10:50 AM

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On September 19th SWISSAM business school met with new students of IMI International Hospitality Management Undergraduate Studies Program. 

Teachers and business school staff warmly welcomed the students and their parents. SWISSAM CEO Hans Hiertner emphasized that the main goal of the school is to give our students the industry-focused education with work experience and leadership opportunities in the best hotels and restaurants, to inspire them to achieve professional success and lifelong personal growth, worldwide. Heads of Studies and administrative departments held short welcome speeches. 

After the presentation lunch was waiting for the freshmen in the student cafeteria, prepared by a team of chefs of SWISSAM business school. 

By tradition, familiarity of freshmen with the school begins with a quest: it was necessary to find a station (check-point), to perform certain tasks and to receive a mark on their implementation. In the process students got to know with the location of various business school departments and other useful and interesting information. Throughout this week the freshmen wait tours, introductory lectures and other events.

Dear freshmen, today starts the most wonderful time in your life - students years! Time for new contacts and discoveries, new knowledge and opportunities! We wish you further success in your future endeavors!