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The new world-class specialist at SWISSAM!
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Monday, 12 September 2016, 12:49 PM

Mats Carlback

Mr. Mats Carlbäck has accepted the position as Associate Professor with the start in October 2016 at SWISSAM Business School!
Mr. Mats Carlbäck has a long practical experience from the hospitality industry, in Sweden and on the international arena, both as entrepreneur and from various management positions. This has led to an extensive network in the industry, on a local, national and international level.
Related to his ongoing research, Mr. Mats Carlbäck  is actively involved in lecturing at the Gothenburg Business School, RHS at Örebro University and Penn State University, USA.

Mats’ research is based on relevant questions from the practitioners and the aim is primarily to find new applicable solutions/models/methods/ for an industry in great need of new thinking and increased professionalism. Also important for Mats’ work is to connect academia with the industry in order to ensure the results from the research is filtered down to the people who would use it – the practitioners and at the same time identify relevant questions and put this forward to the research community. An important part of this is teaching, which gives an opportunity to spread the information about interesting research and useful results, as well as gathering feedback from the future industry leaders. 
At present Mr. Mats Carlbäck teaches management accounting, business development and strategic management at RHS at Örebro University and also takes on several training courses for hotels and restaurants.

At SWISSAM Business School Mats will be involved in curriculum building in IMI International Hotel Management Postgraduate Studies program, IMI International Hospitality Management Undergraduate Studies program, and preparing the Saint Petersburg Campus for the launch of the IMI Bachelor program in the near future.

With the involvement of Mr. Mats Carlbäck as Associate Professor, SWISSAM is again confirming its position as the premiere world-class educational institution in Russia and the CIS specializing in hospitality & Culinary Arts, and is taking another giant step towards becoming one of the best Hospitality schools in Europe.

Mr. Mats Carlbäck, welcome to SWISSAM!