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SWISSAM took part in a Big Summer Festival "O,da! Eda!"
by Swissam Administrator - Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 4:53 PM


SWISSAM Hospitality Business and Culinary Arts school took part in a big summer festival "O, da! Eda!", which was held on 23rd and 24th of July in St. Petersburg.

First time our school has become a partner of its educational program in the history of the Festival. On the open platform of School of restaurateurs "Expresso" supported by SWISSAM Business School were held lectures and round tables with participation of renowned restaurateurs, managers and industry experts.

For two days the audience of School of restaurateurs "Expresso" became more than 1,000 people - from those who were taking the first steps in the restaurant business to the established professionals. SWISSAM Business School hopes to continue a cooperation with the organizers of the festival "O, da! Eda!". And we are ready to use all its capabilities to support the educational component of the Festival at the highest level reached this year.

 Big thanks to all the organizers, participants and guests! We are trying to make you happy every day!

o da eda alar

o da eda aram


o da eda violla


o da eda anton


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