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Summer Restaurant Day took place in SWISSAM Business School!
by Meruert Baigaltinova - Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 3:21 PM
restaurant day
On July 9th students of Restaurant Management program in conjunction with ICE Culinary Arts. Chef Education program were able to realize their restaurant concepts and turned the open area in front of the main building of SWISSAM Business School into a real celebration of street food and summer.
For students the projects were not only the embodiment of ideas, but also the final works, completed the learning process in SWISSAM.
All guests had the opportunity to visit the three-day restaurants with different concepts: "Max Diner", "Fun.Sun.Set" and "Ippolite-Cosmopolite".
Max Diner - the restaurant in the style of American 50's, offered delicious burgers in the best American traditions, home fries, natural milkshakes and desserts: brownies and lemon tarts.
Fun. Sun. Set - restaurant, loaded all come into the atmosphere of the summer, the sea of ​​solar heat and light-heartedness. Project participants have suggested light delicious skewers, colorful desserts and refreshments. Guests of the restaurant have received a real boost of energy and vitamins. 
Ippolit-Cosmopolite - a restaurant, which presented the diversity of international cuisine and sent the visitors into a fascinating gastronomic traveling.
This year Summer Restaurant Day was attended by over 500 people. All proceeds were sent to the charity fund "Children of Pavlovsk" and "Rusfond". We congratulate our graduates!